TYPHON is a professional battery manufacturer and battery solution provider since 2017. Its main product line ranges from primary lithium batteries to rechargeable lithium batteries. TYPHON’s long history in Lithium Battery fields has enabled TYPHON to be in all key global markets.

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Get to know ultra thin battery and our other li-polymer batteries

Typhon li-polymer batteries deliver powerful performance across a wide range of devices. Are you looking for the batteries with the longest lifespan in the history of Panasonic batteries? Discover our lithium polymer batteries!

Trusted Lithium Battery Manufacturer
with 10 Years Expertise

TYPHON BATTERY is a professional Lithium Battery manufacturer since year 2017. We are specialized in producing Primary and Rechargeable Lithium batteries, including Li-SoCL2, Li-MnO2, Li-ion, Lithium Polymer, Li-FePO4. Also we offer customers value added service including customized battery cell, battery pack, battery terminations and holders.


Smooth and hassle-free experience. Help designing, selecting and sampling. Keep your project on time and in budget with high quality batteries.

Pre-sale professional engineering design; Fast customer service response; Wide selection of standard battery models with safety compliance; Custom design battery and battery packs to satisfy your project; Fast and safely deliver battery worldwide